If you have the inspiration to observe wild life in their natural environment the only place is a safari to Africa. With this adventure you can experience the traditional African culture and its inhabitants.

But where to start? Africa is a vast continent with breathtaking terrain and thousand of wildlife species. Every African country is unique with its parks, reserves, roads and other infrastructure Africa has the most complex of culture, wild life and scenery, it is hard to start the plan for the vacations.

Africa has an aura of exotic and mysterious and is ideal for an African Honeymoon. There are a number of romantic vacation spots hidden along the coastlines and on the shores of some of the beautiful islands.

Then there are guided tours which will take you to the very best African wildlife and experience the sound of the wild. Everywhere there are shopping malls, luxury hotels, wellness centers, restaurants, etc. Then, for the adventurous, there is shark diving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing and horseback safari. There is plenty to do in Africa. Then there is balloon safari, chimpanzee trekking safari, beach safari, etc.

You get a chance to meet the African tribes and villages in the country. Revenue generated from the tourist is ploughed back to the community and the land. Arial safaris add lasting memories to your tour. For those who like physical exercise, there is the cycling safari. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the landscape and the region. Borana Lodge in Northern Kenya, Lake Manyara in Tanzania and South Luangwa in Zambia you should visit. Gorilla safari gives a tourist a chance to trek the forest giving a chance to see the African forest and mountains. Fishing safari is another adventure. You can travel on the Indian Ocean and see the different kinds of fish you get there and the fishing techniques the fisherman employ. Then there is the canoeing and river boating safari.

These are some of the things you have to keep in mind when you are planning a trip to SubĀ  Saharan Africa,