Finding and selecting the right hotel does not have to be a complicated task, nor does it have to be a hit-and-miss undertaking. In order to make a good hit for a short list of the best hotels in your travel destinations there are numerous resources and references that you can refer to . The key to a proper and effective holiday planning is to have your travel objectives before you pound the pavement for the right hotel.

It is not enough that you make your final pick by looking at the promotions, programs and deals that are available.It is important that a hotel is able to score high points on the aspects that are most important for you and live up to its billing in your search for the best accommodation for you and your family .

So, how can you come up with your short list of best hotels in your holiday destination? What are the parameters that you must take into account to be able to zero in on a perfect choice for your accommodation? Here are some tried and tested tips that meet your unique needs and some important decision parameters that we have to take into account when determining the best pick .

Travel objectives, needs and wants

Since every person has different reasons for going on a holiday, they will have to determine their needs and wants when making their hotel search. You have to clarify what are the things and items that are most important to you. This means that you have to decide whether you are looking for the best hotels deals or not. Will location or hotel rating significantly affect your final choice?

Holiday Budget

Before you start your hotel search, you must first decide the type of accommodation that you want. You must make your best pick while considering your budget range for your holiday. If your looking for hotels within the $150-or-less price range, will location, and not price, be the clincher in your final choice? Would you go for a smaller hotel with a rustic charm or a kiddie pool be one of the essential amenities ?

Hotel Rates

A wide array of booking options in practically all holiday destinations are outlined by many travel and booking sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. You must check these travel sites as well as other online travel references for the latest and best discount hotel deals.

Hotel Location

Kayak, Travelocity and Expedia give you a great view of hotels with the best locations. You can easily find the hotels that are located along the beach or city centers since these travel oriented sites provide search results on a map. I relation to a particular travel or holiday interest, such as Walt Disney of San Diego Zoo and Expedia even feature an added capability of delivering map results .

Frequent Flyer Miles and Loyalty Programs

It would be practical for you and your family to enroll in a hotel loyalty program if you and your family are frequent travelers or members of frequent flyer program. Tim who is a frequent traveler from our friends at Glazier Brisbane Northside is some what of a Frequent Flyer hacker, and will be provide us with some tasty tips in the future on how to best utilize frequent flyer programs and the best credit cards to sign up to.  If  your choices are partnered with a particular frequent flyer program check out your travel sites.For specific purchases, including car rentals, entertainment and cruises there are programs that offer extras by allowing you to redeem points .